Join us on our campus for a one-of-a-kind Study Abroad Program that will immerse you in the Islamic and Arab culture and lifestyle. 

About our Study Abroad Program

Studio Arabiya’s Study Abroad program is committed to helping students who are eager to learn Arabic language, Quran or Islamic Studies – while experiencing and being immersed in the Islamic and Arab culture and lifestyle. This program was founded by students like you, who packed up everything and moved to Egypt for knowledge of Arabic and the deen.

It wasn’t easy! We’ve experienced many obstacles over the years, such as looking for a flat when you don’t speak Arabic, being stranded in an unknown place with nobody to help, spending money and time to make a ‘home’ during our stay, and much more.

We have established this Study Abroad program to make the transition to a new world smooth and easy for you, so you can focus on the most important thing – your education and your deen – without all the hassle and distraction that comes with adapting to a new culture and away from home.

Who is this Program for?

Do you want to learn Arabic language in Egypt? Or have an intensive Quran class with a sheikh?  If you answered yes, then Studio Arabiya’s Study Abroad program is for you. Our program will help you to study Arabic or Quran in Egypt intensively to fluency and if you wish to prepare for and study at Al-Azhar University, we can help!

Why Egypt?

Egypt is known for its great teachers and scholars, and it is home to Al-Azhar University, the oldest running university in the world. This country is renowned for producing and housing great scholars, teachers and Imams. It’s no wonder that students of knowledge flock to Egypt from around the world to gain the knowledge of Arabic, Quran and the religion of Islam. If you want to be part of this group of students of knowledge, then come to Studio Arabiya to learn Arabic in Egypt!