Teaching Methods

At Studio Arabiya we use a teaching methodology that has been proven to be successful throughout hundreds of years. Thousands upon thousands of ‘students of knowledge’ benefited and succeeded with our revolutionary Arabic teaching methods.

Teaching Styles

Teaching the Arabic language in Egypt, according to the scholars, has historically been conducted by teaching the language through the Arabic language.  Why is this the most effective method?  Because by using this method we enable you to use the Arabic language from the beginning and immediately start practicing the language. Doing so will only speed up your learning and instill the language into your life, solidifying your knowledge of the Arabic language and making it easier to obtain and hold on to after completing the program.

Class Styles

Studio Arabiya’s classes are available in a group class and private class format.  Our group classes are generally small, allowing you and your classmates to progress smoothly and efficiently.

Group classes are mixed gender, however seating is sectioned to allow sisters to sit with sisters and vice versa.  Private classes are almost always with the same gender teacher.