Studio Arabiya Institute is a unique study abroad program, unlike any others in Egypt.

What makes Studio Arabiya different than all the others?

We have thought about everything you need, in order to better settle while you are studying arabic language or Quran at our Institute. Studio Arabiya values on-campus living that exposes students to a variety of meaningful out-of-class and in-class learning opportunities.

Unlike anywhere else in Cairo, Studio Arabiya offers on-campus accommodations with easy access to your classroom, Arabic library, rooftop hangout spaces, student lounge, children’s play area, and a masjid right across the street!

We built our own campus because we wanted to accommodate all the necessities needed by students in one place. Our special dormitories are just floors above the study center. Each dormitory has clean, furnished dorm rooms, shared bathrooms, a shared kitchen area and some with a shared living room space. Included within our campus is the study center with classrooms, campus library, dorms, transportation services for traveling on tours as well as simple everyday transportation needs, daycare services, and neighborhood masjid.

We make your move and accommodation easy, so you can get the full experience of learning Arabic language!

studio arabiya