Studio Arabiya Institute is a unique study abroad program, unlike any others in Egypt.

What makes Studio Arabiya different than all the others?

World-class reputation

Studio Arabiya has a world-class reputation for teaching students visiting from abroad and the larger expatriate community in Egypt. We have offered Arabic language, Quran and Islamic related studies to students from across the globe since 2011. Studio Arabiya Institute has quickly become one of the leading online Arabic & Quran institutes, providing education in all aspects of the language and the Qur’an. You will be joining thousands of students before you when you enroll in our Arabic and Qur’an programs! You can trust Studio Arabiya Institute to provide the highest quality of education online for the tuition prices. It can’t be beaten!

Studio Arabiya Egypt Building

On-Campus Accommodation

Unlike anywhere else in Cairo, Studio Arabiya offers on-campus accommodations with easy access to your classroom, Arabic library, rooftop hangout spaces, student lounge, children’s play area, and a masjid right across the street! We built our own campus because we wanted to accommodate all the necessities needed by our students in one place.

Along with the other factors to think of when deciding to study arabic abraod, having the option to live in our campus institute will be of great importance. Living in our Campus gives you the benefit of having the classes and study resources right next to where you live. In the morning, you can simply wake up before your arab or quran classes start, walk down the hall or upstairs and arrive.

High-quality programs

Our journey began in Egypt, where we realized that there was a lack of organized, qualified  Arabic and Quran education in the West. We made it our mission to bring education to those who were in need and eager to learn by providing high-quality programs and dedicated teachers.

Studio Arabiya’s team is comprised of more than 200 qualified teachers and staff members from around the world. All Studio Arabiya teachers are certified with degrees in Arabic or their respective fields from prestigious institutes such as the University of Al-Azhar University and Dar ul-Uloom.

Certified Arabic teachers

Whether you are a child or adult, our teachers are specifically assigned according to their area of expertise. Every one of our teachers goes through multiple interviews and a thorough exam before being accepted into Studio Arabiya. All of our Arabic and Quran instructors are specially trained to teach non-Arabic speakers, so they are well prepared to help you achieve Arabic fluency.

Our team is comprised of more than 200 qualified teachers and staff members from around the world, providing unparalleled, affordable education to thousands of students worldwide who are eager to learn arabic. At Studio Arabiya, our mission is to bring only the best instructors to our studio, whose knowledge, expertise and exceptional character far exceeds those of other study Arabic and Quran abroad programs.

Ongoing support

Our team is constantly working behind the scenes to better the quality and to ensure that everything runs smoothly. From our Customer Support Team who is available 7 days a week to the supervision team who monitors your learning arabic and quran classes, every aspect of your course is being taken care of so you don’t have to worry.

With plans to continuously expand in the future, Studio Arabiya is in the process of opening a second headquarters in Egypt. We are proud to offer exceptionally valuable education to Muslims who want to study Arabic and Quran abroad!